FTB Beauty


If you can’t find an answer here, email info@ftbbeauty.ca

    • What is FTB Beauty?

      FTB Beauty is an  beauty store for Canadians. We source international products and make them available for you.

    • Why should I choose to shop from FTB Beauty?

      All products listed on our site are already in Canada at our Toronto warehouse and are available to ship immediately. We have taken care of all the importing, so that means there will be no surprise fees for exchange rates, custosm, duties, or brokerage. It also means that our ship times are accurate; there is no risk of delayed delivery due to long border wait times.

    • What payment methods are available?

      Unfortunately due to a large amount of fraudulent transactions, we are currently only accepting payment via paypal which allows you to pay with Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or from you bank account. To maintain our fast delivery standards, we do not accept eCheck payments which can take up to 8 days to clear; to pay from your bank account you must have already transferred money into your paypal account. We will only ship orders where paypal has verified the transaction details to guarantee they are free from fraud.

    • What if I don’t want to create a PayPal account?

      No problem! You can pay with your credit card through paypal even without having an account. Just enter your billing and shipping details on our website and click through to pay via paypal. When you are taken to paypal, look for the button that says “don’t have a paypal account?” to pay securely through paypal. There is no extra fee.

    • I was on the site looking at some items and when I came back later to purchase them, the price was different – what gives!?

      All of our products are international products, and since exchange rates change constantaly we sometimes adjust our prices. We feel it is better to offer the best prices possible at all times instead of just having a huge markup all the time to cover the varying rates. We don’t go changing our prices up and down with every minor fluctuation, but only when there is big change in the exchange that lasts for several weeks.

    • I have a product/brand that I manufacture, will you sell it on your site?

      We are always looking for great new brands to offer our customers and would love to hear from you! Note that selling in Canada requires that your cosmetics be registered with Health Canada, and that they must meet Canadian cosmetics labelling standards. You must already have, or be willing to put this in place. It really isn’t very difficult and we would be happy to help with the process! Please contact us at info@ftbbeauty.ca for more info.